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A common question we hear from patients before they come to us for treatment is “How much will this cost?” They are often pleasantly surprised to hear that most of our patients have their treatment covered by insurance.


During your first visit to First State Vein and Laser Center, you will meet with Dr. Nadiv Shapira for a consultation appointment. This appointment is billed to your insurance and the cost to you is typically the co-pay you pay when visiting a doctor’s office. At this appointment we will examine you, discuss your diagnosis and treatment options, and review your insurance benefits with you. Varicose vein treatment is often covered by insurance.

Can I Afford the Treatment? Does Insurance Cover Vein Reduction?

In the past, insurance companies were more apt to cover the traditional treatment for vein disease - surgery. But now, most are providing coverage for ELT as a primary treatment and sclerotherapy as a secondary treatment. Of course, patients and their physicians need to illustrate that treatment is medically necessary.

Luckily, First State Vein and Laser Center is now in network with most major insurance plans. Since treating vein disease is our specialty, our staff is highly experienced in working directly with insurance companies to ensure you’re getting the treatment that’s covered. We will work with you to maximize your insurance benefits.

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