“We all want to make sure our skin looks good, but when you are Miss Delaware U.S.A. it needs to look better than good. With constant photo shoots and appearances, the last thing I want to worry about is my skin. That's why I only trust First State Vein and Laser Medi-Spa for all my skin care needs. Liz Martin is a skin care genius that customizes every facial she does to truly fit the client’s needs and Dr. Shapira is the most knowledgeable doctor that I have ever met! He takes his time getting to know his patients and makes sure that the look you want is what is achieved. The spa itself is beautiful and always extremely clean and well managed. I will never go anywhere else. Thank you First State!"


--Crystal Rush, Ms. United States 2014

Customer Testimonials

"First State Vein and Laser Medi-Spa is the best place to go for skincare! It is a beautiful and tranquil place that makes me feel relaxed the moment I walk in the door. Liz Martin has transformed my skin and has allowed me to really value and appreciate my true, natural beauty. Also, the skin care products they offer at First State have done wonders for my skin. Preparing for the Miss USA pageant can be stressful at times, but being able to have the support and guidance of people who genuinely care is very reassuring. I am so blessed to be a part of the family here at First State Vein and Laser Medi Spa. You all are so welcoming and accommodating!"


--Kelsey Miller, Miss Delaware USA 2014

"Where do I begin? Let me start by saying THANK YOU to the fabulous and talented Liz Martin for always making my skin look radiant and healthy. Working in the beauty pageant and modeling industries for over 15 years, I am always wearing make-up and using a ton of hair products. My skin is constantly taxed, but with Liz’s help and guidance, I am guaranteed to have a flawless look and always be camera ready! I also have to give a huge thank you Dr. Nadiv Shapira and the entire staff at First State Laser & Vein Medspa. At First State Vein & Laser Medspa, I am surrounded by the most professional staff to assure my skin remains beautiful and youthful looking.  Doctor Shapira is constantly learning new technology to help his clients look their best. I absolutely love this place! Thank you to Liz Martin, Doctor Shapira and the entire staff at First State Vein & Laser Medspa for always showing me the best support and love, especially during my reign as Miss Delaware United States 2014. Your generosity and encouragement help me shine as I prepare to compete for the national title of Miss United States."


--Vincenza Carrieri-Russo, Miss Delaware United States 2014, Miss Delaware USA 2008

miss delaware

"Dr. Shapira, who is a very personable man, took the time to thoroughly explain the entire procedure and reassured me of the benefits of proceeding with it. The procedure was quick, painless and without complication. Finally, I have the much-needed relief from the discomfort I had been living with for so long thanks to Dr. Shapira and his wonderful staff. "


--Alinda R. S.

"I have worked as a flight attendant for many years and was at the point where my legs ached every time I went to work. My ankles were always puffy and my legs discolored due to unhealthy veins. Dr. Shapira carefully evaluated my condition and explained what my treatment options were as well as what I could expect. Supported by an extremely caring and compassionate team, Dr. Shapira has gently and affectively treated my condition. My legs no longer ache, they don't feel full and heavy, my ankles are much less puffy, a great deal of the discoloration is gone or reduced and they generally look and feel much healthier. I can't thank Dr. Shapira and his staff enough for all of their care."


--Jodi P.

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