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Venous Disease occurs when a vein in not functioning properly, causing a disturbance in normal blood flow. The cause of most vein problems is venous insufficiency. This happens when veins widen and stretch (dilate) and the valves are not able to close properly. Because of this, diseased veins have difficulty carrying blood back to the heart.


Many factors can cause a vein to become damaged or weakened. When a vein dilates, the valve in the vein may malfunction and permit blood to flow in the wrong direction. No one really knows what comes first, a vein wall weakness, or a problem with a valve, but the end result is the same. There are several forms of venous disease including; varicose veins, spider veins, ulcers of the leg, and phlebitis.

What is Venous Disease?

While there is no cure for venous disease, experienced doctors are able to alleviate most of the symptoms of venous disease. Many treatment options exist and many more are on the horizon. Rest assured, these treatment options provide both the medical and cosmetic results that patient’s desire.

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